【Virtual Currency for Beginners】Today’s Investment Summary


Nice to meet you!
I'll be posting my investment results for a long time to come, so if you're interested, I hope you'll keep reading!


【Summary(105 yen = $1)】
Current total amount

Total investment amount 

profit/ loss

Cash in my account



【Per Account】


Current total amount :. $444
Investment amount   :   $333

profit/ loss                  :+$110

Cash in my account  :   $291


Source: From Coincheck Total Assets


Current total amount :$2,508
Investment amount   :$2,380

profit/ loss                  : +$127

Cash in my account  :$2,075


Source: From bitbank Assets


【The currencies that  I have】

Investment amount:$190.4

Current price          :$219.6

Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
Investment Amount:$47.6

Current Price           :$47.6

Investment Amount:$190.4

Current Price           :$213.6


Investment Amount:$33.3

Current Price          : $99.9

Engine Coin(ENJ)
Investment Amount:$4.76

Current Price           :$4.68


【The reason why so much cash in my account】

Recently, the percentage of cash in my virtual currency trading account has been increasing. Even in both my Coincheck and bitbank accounts, about 70% is in cash. The reason why I hold so much cash is because I am concerned about a crash.
Bitcoin is now well over 4 million yen. I have decided that I will sell my holdings if I make a profit of more than 10-20%, so I sold my virtual currency holdings a while ago. I believe that the best way to avoid failing in high volatility products is to "shorten the holding time" and "not to make mistakes in investment timing. Therefore, you can think of it as a time when I'm looking for the right timing. If it goes down, I think I'll invest all at once!

That's all for today's virtual currency speculation results!